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Wei Law is a full service law firm based in Taipei, Taiwan. In this day of large corporate firms offering impersonal service, we can offer the quality and personal attention given by a smaller firm with the vast experience available from larger firms. We perform a wide array of service for domestic banks, securities firms, insurance companies and other financial institutions. Whether the issue is simple or complex, local or international, we respond rapidly with knowledgeable personalized service in an efficient and cost effective manner. Wei Law has a practice group that specializes in capital market, securities and privatization in Taiwan. All our team members possess professional knowledge and skills and offer legal services that address the evolving needs of our clients.


Our legal services include Insurance Claim handling, development of and filing applications for new insurance products, and relevant application for incorporating insurance companies. Insurance Claim handling, including issuing legal opinions with regard to clarifying policy wordings, and related mediation, arbitration and litigation. Development of and filing applications for new insurance products, including translation of insurance policies.

Mergers & Acquisitions

With the trend of globalization, companies will conduct merger and acquisition activities when trying to expand and grow. Wei Law has intensive experiences in handling mergers and acquisitions transactions and advising domestic and foreign clients on M&A transactions.


Wei Law is able to provide well-planned preventive or strategic legal services for clients. Litigation and arbitration, despite our endeavor to avoid such trouble for the client, is nonetheless the last reort to dispute resolution and inevitably one of the professions in which a law firm shall be speciallized.

Civil Law

We have extensive knowledge and experience in providing creative and tailor-made resolutions for each dispute, from traditional means of litigation to the alternative means of mediation, and arbitration.

Criminal Law

Wei Law specialize in criminal litigation procedures with extensive knowledge and experience. Since the methods of investigation and the enforcement of penalty in criminal cases often cause great damage to life, liberty, property and trade secrets, taking steps to prevent such damage is important for enterprises. When criminal cases take place unfortunately, our major mission is to reduce the clients' risk.

Public Law

The rights and the obligations between the people and the government are at the core of public law cases. Wei Law specializes in administrative remedy cases. We are committed to providing comprehensive and timely legal consultation and strategic analysis in order to protect and maximize our clients' interests in litigation.